Parts Staff

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  • Evan Specht
    Parts Manager

    Evan is a Lincoln Certified Parts Manager with 32 years of Ford / Lincoln parts experience. He has been married nearly 30 years and loves to play tennis. He always cheers for the Denver Broncos, Colorado Rockies & the Kansas Jayhawks.

  • Merrill Urdahl
    Asst Parts Mgr

    Merrill is a Master Certified Parts Counterman with over 15 years experience.

    Merrill is a recipeient of the 2015 Jason Nelson Award

  • James Storm
    Parts Counterman

    James is a Certified Parts Counterman with eleven years of tenure at Landmark Lincoln. He loves to play golf, and is a Bronco fan and Rockies fan.

  • Jon Joyner
    Parts Counterman

    Jon is a Lincoln Certified parts counterperson with over 20 years experience. He has been married for over 9 years and is an avid Broncos and Avalanche fan.

  • Mike Arreguin
    Parts Delivery

    Mike has 40 years of industry experience. He loves golf and a wide range of other sports.

  • Novin Samuel
    Parts Driver

    Novin came to Colorado via Pakistan in 1977. He joined the Landmark team in March of 2015. Novin is a drummer for the heavy metal band "SlingFist" but he also enjoys cooking and spending time with friends and family.

  • Rick Zook
    Parts Counterman

    Rick has been in the automotive industry in Denver since 1974. He enjoys riding both dirt and street bikes in his free time on the gorgeous Colorado roads.

  • Tim Campbell
    Parts Driver

    Tim is a Colorado native who came to Landmark in January of 2015. Tim is an avid Colorado outdoorsman who enjoys camping, fishing, shooting, and riding motorcycles.

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