Do you even wonder exactly what auto service your car needs? Waiting for warning lights or things to break down is one way. Our Landmark Lincoln has other suggestions, such as back-to-school service. What does it include? We've got your one-minute answer.

Back-to-School Auto Service

Unlike factory-schedule maintenance, back-to-school auto service isn't officially a thing. However, we recommend having certain vital auto parts and systems checked before the school year leaps to a gallop. Believe us, you'll thank yourself later. What auto service should you get? Start with routine service for your engine, battery and brakes. It might only require changing fluids, replacing filters and replacing oil.

Take Time for Your Tires

Tire pressure and tire tread play a big part in helping your vehicle run efficiently and handle itself with stability on the road. For pressure readings, consult your car's built-in monitor. To ensure proper, even wear of your tires' tread patterns and depth, have your tires rotated at least every six months or just prior to the school year.



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