Tires should be regularly cleaned and well maintained, mainly a common problem that tires have is due to corrosive degreasers' browning. Another issue is the lack of a tire protector. Using the wrong cleaners, too, causes essential elements from the tires to damage causing dry rots.

Steps to clean your car tires

It would help if you had a wash bucket full of water and a quality brush with stiff nylon bristles to clean the tire and eliminate grime and other forms of dirt that stick on the tires.

Using the appropriate cleaning agent for the type of tires, you have to scrub the tires one by one thoroughly and rinse off with the vital force of water before going to the next one.

After cleaning every tire, dry them using a dry microfiber towel to avoid water spots and getting rid of brake dust.

Use tire protectant like 303*, which has intense UV blockers balm once you have the clean tires to restore their color and protect them from cracking.


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