All-season tires are known for their versatility, but summer tires are great for those looking to customize their driving experience. Commonly found on luxury vehicles or performance cars, summer tires offer a slew of benefits all-season tires are unable to replicate. In areas where drivers do not truly experience winter driving conditions, summer tires are your best option.

Specifically made for agility and speed, the braking and responsiveness of summer tires are unmatched. With specialized tread patterns and materials that make them ideal for summer driving, these tires even handle excessive heat and wet conditions well. With fewer grooves, summer tires can maintain better contact with the road providing enhanced traction and handling.

Shallowed tread depths found in summer tires also have their advantages. This layout makes them more stabilized than other tires options, yet the very material summer tires are made of provides improved flexibility and traction, as well. In all, drivers get the best of every aspect in summer tires, if they are used in proper conditions.


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