Despite the desire to downsize your vehicle being very strong today, many people are still choosing to buy an SUV. In recent years, SUVs have really risen in popularity. Stop at Landmark Lincoln to check out our lineup of SUVs and see what they all have to offer. There are several reasons to buy an SUV.

• They get better gas mileage than you’d think.
• They offer lots of interior space for cargo and passengers.
• They’re safer than a car in case of an accident.
• They can tow more things than a car.
• They offer excellent off-roading adventures.
• The offer your space to transport your pet.
• They offer more protection in a flood.

Come visit us at our dealership in Englewood and allow us to set you up for a test drive in any SUV you choose. We’re pretty sure you’ll love the feel of an SUV and the exciting ride it provides.


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