Servicing Belts and Hoses at Landmark Lincoln

What are Belts? 

Your car has a pulley system that connects the different moving parts and helps your car run in a synchronized motion. Some cars have two belts: a drive belt and a timing belt; all cars that aren't fully electric have a drive belt. It's important to replace the belts every 60-100 thousand miles or so to avoid failure.

What are Hoses?

Your car has rubber and plastic hoses that carry coolant and air throughout the engine. A failed hose can cause coolant or air to leak out and result in overheating or misfiring problems that could leave you stranded on the side of the road.

Service Your Vehicle at Landmark Lincoln

?Is your car making weird squeaky noises? Is coolant leaking out of the front or sides of your engine? It might be time to have a belt or hose serviced at our dealership in Englewood.


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