How Brake Pads Work And What You Need To Do To Take Care Of Them

Few things are worse than the tell-tale squeal of brakes that are wearing down, especially when you've got lots of miles to cover. Fortunately, Englewood drivers can enjoy optimum stopping power with diligent maintenance and care of their brake pads. At Landmark Lincoln, we're committed to promoting safe driving and excellent auto performance by sharing helpful information about brake pads and their impact on an auto's entire braking system.

What Brake Pads Do

If your car or truck has disc brakes, every wheel on your vehicle is attached to a spinning brake rotor. The caliper squeezes this rotor each time you depress the brakes, thereby causing your auto to slow. With such massive amounts of friction being generated from these movements, the brake pads exist to help slow the resulting wear and tear. These pads are essentially a buffer between the rotor and the caliper pistons so that metal on metal contact never occurs.

How To Take Care Of Your Brake Pads

​If you do a lot of stop-and-go driving, then you can count on having your brake pads wear down at a fairly rapid rate. The best way to keep these important components in good shape is by replacing them as needed, and by making sure that replacements are performed with the best brake pads for your vehicle. Ceramic brake pads are great for large autos with high towing capacities. For small-sized commuter cars, however, semi-metallic pads are often the right choice. To find out more about your car's braking system or to have your brake pads inspected or replaced, come by Landmark Lincoln today.


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