Belts and Hoses: What Are They and What Do They Do?

Your car has belts and hoses if it is not powered by electricity. It is important to know about belt and hose maintenance so that you can prevent a break down while driving.

When Should I Replace My Belts and Hoses?

It is smart to replace belts and hoses every few years or 50-100 thousand miles. When you bring your car in to Landmark Lincoln we will inspect these types of parts to make sure they are still in good working condition for you to continue driving.

What Are Some Signs That My Belts and Hoses Need Replacing?

?If you hear squeaking noises coming from your vehicle this means that you will need some type of belt-system service. You will know when to replace a hose because it might leak coolant, washer fluid or air. Visit us at our dealership in the Englewood area if you have any questions.


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