If you have ever been surprised by a set of tires wearing out early, our experience at Landmark Lincoln tells us that your car's alignment may have been the reason. We offer professional alignment service in Englewood, and we hope you'll take advantage of it.

Our alignment sessions begin on our professional alignment tester. It evaluates three values we'll share with you, which are caster, camber and toe. If you have a caster problem, your rear wheels do not properly track behind the front ones. When a tire's camber is incorrect, it does not form a 90-degree angle with the road. Lastly, a tire can toe right or left. Either is a problem because you want each tire to roll perfectly straight.

We will clearly communicate with you about your vehicle's alignment needs and the related costs before proceeding. When we've finished our alignment work, your vehicle will ride smoother, and you tires can serve you longer.


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