Explore the Perks of Apple CarPlay

When you want more entertainment, more convenience, and more features in your vehicle, Apple CarPlay is the in-vehicle technology to have. At Landmark Lincoln, we’ll show you the vehicles equipped with it. This way, you can be more hands-free.

It’s easier to focus on the road when you can use Siri to interact with everything on your phone. Whether you want to stream music, get directions, or listen to your favorite podcast, it can be done simply by pressing a button on the steering wheel and asking Siri.

A variety of apps can be used within Apple CarPlay. This allows you to tap into some of your favorite apps on your iPhone. Of course, you can also play voicemails and have texts read through the speakers. If you need to respond to a text, just ask Siri to do it for you. It allows you to stay connected more easily everywhere you go.



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