Get to Know the High-Performance Lincoln MKC

The name Lincoln means luxury. The Lincoln MKC is no exception to that rule. In addition to a great look and comfortable ride, the MKC is also a match for just about any terrain. That's one reason it's become one of America's favorite crossover vehicles.

The MKC has an optional Twin-Scrolled, 2.3L engine that delivers up to 285HP. This crossover has the power to do just about anything. Features like Intelligent All Wheel Drive mean the MKC is always adjusting to the road. It's always balancing and re-balancing torque as it picks up on changes in road conditions. Finally, Advancetrac helps to limit vehicle roll on the road.

To really understand the high performing Lincoln MKC you'll have to drive one. That's where we come in. Stop by Landmark Lincoln today. We'd love to take you out for a test drive and show you what this crossover can do.



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