Amazon and Lincoln Bring Convenience to a New Level in the Nautilus

Alexa, take us to Landmark Lincoln to drive the new Lincoln Nautilus. If only Amazon’s smart technology could do that for you, but it cannot. However, Amazon has partnered with Lincoln to bring you the Alexa service in your new Nautilus. Imagine driving through the city streets and discussing what you need with Alexa on the go.

This tech spec offers you the chance to change the music without lifting a finger. Alexa and Lincoln partnered to ensure you get the safest and most technologically advanced driving experience. Ask Alexa to check the weather or warn you of traffic. Does your daughter need a new book for school? Ask Alexa to add it to your Amazon shopping cart while you’re in the middle of your road trip.

Alexa and your car create a unique marriage that brings you convenience. From asking her to open your garage door to changing the temperature on your smart thermostat at home, your Nautilus uses Alexa’s power to do it all.



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