Exhaust leaks can mean big trouble for you and your passengers. When the exhaust system leaks, the gas that it emits is colorless and odorless, but it's poisonous and can be fatal. At Landmark Lincoln, we want you to have the knowledge to recognize a system leak, so here are a few signs that you should be looking for.

A vibration on the steering wheel or foot pedal is sometimes a sign of exhaust problems. When the vehicle doesn't get hot enough to evaporate condensation, water can collect in the muffler. Over time, the water can cause the muffler to rust.

You should also watch how much fuel you're using. If you notice that you've been consistently using more gas, you should have your exhaust system checked by a professional. Exhaust leaks cause engines to work harder, which means that your engine is consuming more gas. Check how much gas your vehicle is consuming over the course of at least a week.



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