Testing Your Battery in Extreme Weather

Extreme temperatures can wreck havoc on vehicles. From the paint to the fluids, cars take a beating in extreme weather. Before the weather changes, it's vital you take a look at the elements of prevention. One of the important aspects to guard is your battery life. Whether it's winter for which you're preparing, or sizzling summer temps, your battery needs to be at full strength. Testing your battery will give you assurance. One of the easiest, assured means of testing your battery is using a voltmeter.

A voltmeter works much like when you have to jump your car. Connecting the positive cables first, then connecting the negative cables to your car terminal will reveal your battery strength. Above 75% and you're working with a strong battery. Below, and you might need a new battery installed.

When the seasons change, bring your vehicle by our dealership for complete maintenance and battery check.



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