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Learn How to Test a Car Battery

If you have a voltmeter and want to determine the strength of your car battery, these simple steps from the Landmark Lincoln service professionals will guide you through the process easily. Begin by making certain that the car ignition is off and that you have the lights off too.

The red end of the voltmeter is positive, and should be carefully connected to the positive terminal on your car battery. Black is negative, and should be firmly attached to the negative terminal of battery. A good battery will show on the voltmeter at 12.4 or better. If the reading…

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Start Reading Tire Sizes

Your tire sizes may vary based on your vehicle and the type of wheels you have installed. The tire sizes should be known so you can get new ones when needed. The sizing is actually written in a series of numbers and letters on the side of the tire. As you look at the tire, there are letters and numbers written in a single line with several slashes to break it up:

  • P: Identifies the tire for a passenger vehicle
  • 3-digit number: The width of the tire, identified in millimeters
  • 2-digit number: The aspect ratio of the tire. 
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